"You have a vision and style unique to you...I want to bring that to life"

I am a mom of five (four girls and a boy) and I love to create beautiful, handmade items, for my family, friends, and neighbors here in Kansas City, Missouri. I started out at home, soon grew to Etsy, local craft fairs and events. Now I am proud to offer my hand-stitched items to you too!

Each item can be custom made to your liking, and I am so excited to see what you look like in your order or how you display it in your home.

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crochet, wool, yarn


CWigley Creations stands apart because of the quality, detail, and surprise tailored into each handmade order. Each item I make is unique and rarely duplicated. All materials will either be 100% acrylic, an acrylic blend, 100% cotton, a cotton blend or a polyester blend, no wool is used unless requested in a custom order to consider potential common allergies to wool. I love to ask questions and get a feel for who each customer is so every item is tailored to them 100%.

Thank you for visiting CWigley Creations!

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